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Innovation is our passion!

We create novel materials and devices and integrate them to make fast, accurate, cost-effective tools for chemical and biochemical analysis. Our patent-pending technology measures drugs, chemicals, proteins and other biomarkers using printed ensembles of Organized Nanoscale Environments (ONE). By combining innovation with passion we develop and bring novel nanotechnology solutions to the marketplace.

Early detection identifies rogue biochemistry of disease processes by finding trace chemical fingerprints (biomarkers) using biochemical processing. These biochemicals add complexity, variability and error to the results. Specificity and simplicity are better! Our technology provides both specificity and simplicity without use of antibodies. Our chips have shown selectivity for the biochemistry of heart disease, cancer and diabetes (myoglobin, tripsinogen and insulin). These five diseases are responsible for the majority of non-accident death in Europe and North America.

Extending our thin films sensor technology to chemical threat detection, our approach has been effective in discrimination of biochemical and energetic materials threats. Nerve agent surrogates and RDX have been identified as trace constituents in air and water with multi-component discrimination. Identification of chemical and biochemical threats and anomalies addresses key issues in environmental health and safety as well as food security and military applications.

multimodal porosity on meso- nano- and micro- scales.jpg

Figure 1. Example of multimodal mesoporous refractory mesoporous nanocomposite. This family of materials have Ultra Low K (this example k=2.1), excellent chemical and temperature resistance with good thermal Insulating properties.

Multi modal porosity in meso- nano- and micro- scales has also been engineered (see figure above). Success has been demonstrated in a wide variety of polymers     and fillers, creating several different families of smart materials for chemical systems applications (sensors, filters, scaffolds, etc.). Control in pore-size can be exerted in several ways from the molecular scale to the macro scale. Adjustment of process and formula can modulate this material to have a narrow distribution in nanopore size and morphology (see figure below).

Mesoporous nanofoam depicted with 5 nm pores in Kapton

Figure 2. Example of another mesoporous refractory nanofoam with controlled pore size 18+/-2nm dia.  These materials have Ultra Low K (this example k=1.9), excellent Thermal Insulating and High Temperature Resistance properties.

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latest news

Rob consulted to and appeared on the Atlas Media production for National Geographic- "How to Survive the End of the World: Micro Monsters", directed by Ted Schillinger

Rob copresented in Huffpost panel discussion "Heart to Heart" on impact of 3D Printing on organ transplant.

IEEE SF Bay Area Nanotechnology Council invited lecture by Rob- "Creating Chemoselective Surfaces and Films for Sensor Platforms"

Rob presented "Quantum Computing- 2013 Status and Implications" to SRI Symposium for Atlantic Council members, RAHS representatives and other visitors from Singapore's strategic foresight and scan community.

Rob will be featured in an upcoming National Geographic serial "Doomsday" speculating on nightmare scenarios of rouge nanotechnology 50 to 100 years in the future.

ONE Nano is listed #8 in the
Top Nanotechnologies Websites list.

IEEE SF BayArea Nanotechnology Council invited lecture by Rob- "Creating a nanostructured materials business through collaboration,
consulting and sponsored research"

Ultrasonic processing for nanoparticles formulation:  Newly acquired ultrasonic technology successfully disaggregated aglomerateed mesoporous silica nanoparticles. Materials using the material in mesoporous nanocomposites reach Ultra Low K valuses of 2.2!

Rob presents "The Idea Mill: a small group approach to directed creativity." for the Thiel 20Under20 Retreat.

200mm plasma tool celebrates another 1st plasma today.  The migration of the tool to the new Annex location proceeded smoothly – Thanks to ECI of California for the generous forklift help! Once install was complete, the tool was upgraded with a 1.1kW RF source that yielded success with a redesigned matching network, similar to the one we designed and installed as a part of Silexos’ Hydrogen plasma passivation tool we built in 2011.

Move completed into new space, our “Annex” (2703 7th Street, Suite 143,  Berkeley, CA 94710—which is right after the driveway on Carelton). Here is located the 50mm bench-top electrospray prototype, 1kW UV broadband tool and microscope.

Collaboration contract with Araca, Inc., now expanded to include invention and development of novel porous nanocomposites for a grant from Asahi Kasei through October.

Presented "Nanostructured materials for large and small molecule selectivity" at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego

Began collaboration with Araca, Inc., inventing and developing novel self-assembled materials systems for a grant from SRC.

Rob presented "Bootstrapping through DIY low cost instruments" at the Open Science Summit at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Rob co-presented for the "Meta-Insights Panel" for the Thiel 20Under20 Fellows at the Presideo in San Francisco, California

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC and Lucent Solar, Inc. have formed a technology partnership for the joint development of low cost plasma processes & equipment.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC represented by Rob at the Foresight Reunion Conference in 3 ways: 1) PANEL — "Research and Application: From Innovation to Success"
Andrew Bleloch (Halcyon), Michael Garner (ITRS), Mike Nelson (NanoInk), Robert Meagley (ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC), Thomas Theis (IBM), Sir J Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern); 2) "Mesoporous Sensors: From Explosives to Cancer"
Robert Meagley, PhD, CEO/CTO of ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC; and 3) PANEL — "Jumpstarting a Career in Nanotech: How To Make Your Move"
Christian Schafmeister (Temple), Margaret Johns (Bluewater Consulting), Mike Nelson (NanoInk), Ari Requicha (USC), Robert Meagley (ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC)

200mm tool celebrates 1st plasma today.  The migration of the plasma modulefrom the test bed to the 200mm tool was smooth, and test bed will focus on differential pumping development.

Rob will lecture and sit on 2 panels at the Foresight Institute's 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference as well as present his latest work.

Rob presented "Surface Selective Sensing of Small and Macro-molecules" at the Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum at University of California, Berkeley.

Rob taught "Introduction to nanolithography" seminar at the University of Arizona, Tucson as a part of Prof. Philipossian's CHEE/ECE 415/515 class.

Rob presented "Engineering Biomolecules with Nanotechnology" as the kick off lecture for the Foresight Institute's 2011 lecture series.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed third chemical sensor collaboration agreement with Advanced MEMS, Inc of Berkeley, CA demonstrating repeatability for QCM coatings for the detection of nerve agents.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC acquired the core technology and prototypes from EHDT Group, Inc of Duarte CA developing Electrospray-PECVD technology(3 issued US Patents)


ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed a 5 month consulting agreement with EHDT Group, Inc of Duarte CA developing Electrospray-PECVD technology.


ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed second chemical sensor collaboratiopn adgreement with Advanced MEMS, Inc of Berkeley, CA demonstrating proof-of-concept of QCM coatings for the detection of waterborn nerve agents and high energy materials.


ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed a 5 month consulting agreement with EHDT Group, Inc of Duarte CA developing Electrospray-PECVD technology.


ONE Nanotechnologies listed on Nanotechnology Observer

for our consulting services in Naotechnology


ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed a 3 month consulting agreement with Silexos, Inc of Menlo Park developing advanced MOCVD materials. Rob accepted a role as Director of Materiasl Development.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC completed first chemical sensor collaboratiopn adgreement with Advanced MEMS, Inc of Berkeley, CA demonstrating proof-of-concept of QCM coatings for the detection of airborn nerve agents.

We welcome Mr. Michael Rattner of Advanced MEMS, LLP to our team!

Dr. Meagley presnted "Nanostructures for biomarker selection and identification by MS" at the NSTI Nanotech09 TechConnect Summit.

Dr. Meagley attends annual meeting of the Univ. of Wisconsin NSEC advisory board.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC and Advanced MEMS Inc. have formed a technology partnership to foster synergy between their technology portfolios and R&D capabilities.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC closed its second consulting agreement with Naosys, Inc of Palo Alto developing advanced nanodot memory materials.

ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC closed its first consulting agreement with Nanosys, Inc. of Palo Alto. Work focussed on inventing next generation isolation materials, ligands and environmentally friendly formulations fortheir nanodot memory program.

Dr. Meagley presented "Selective Identification of Proteins by Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry on Photonic Nanodevices Coupled to Abiotic Receptors" to the NSTI Nanotech '08 conference in Boston Read our recent paper from NSTI '08!.

Dr. Meagley presented "Protein selection by nanophotonic receptors" as an invited talk for Honeywell at SPIE in San Jose.

Dr. Meagley attends Univ. of Wisconsin NSEC advisory board.

Successful testing of ONE Nano's first generation prototype. Patents filed on proprietary design.

Dr. Robert P Meagley launches ONE Nanotechnologies, LLC